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What is holistic dog dry food?

The petfood market has many different brands and many categories to choose from. But which category is the best? Lets start from the bottom.

The cheapest petfood you can buy is called "Economy" and is usually sold in transparent bags with no logo. This is the lowest quality possible, made out of cheap cereals and grains.

Economy is followed by "Premium" which is still low quality in ingredients mostly made out of cereals and meat by-products.

"Super Premium" sounds much better but in reality the differences are marginal. A little more meat content and still made predominantly of corn, wheat, rice and other cereals.

The "Holistic" category is where things begin to improve noticeably. Holistic comes from the Greek word "όλον" and means that this food takes care the dogs health as a whole. It doesn't just satisfy hunger. These petfoods typically contain 45-50% meat and easy to digest grains like brown rice. 

Undoubtedly the best category to be is the "Grain Free". These petfoods usually contain more than 50% meat and vegetables like potato, peas, lentils which offer better nutrition and are more easily digestible.

Naturea Petfoods Cyprus offer you Holistic and Grain Free dry foods directly from the distributor at very affordable prices. Our foods come directly from the manufacturer to your dogs bowl with no extra costs in between!


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