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How many times should you feed your dog?

The best solution is to aim for 2 meals per day 6 to 8 hours apart. An example would be one meal for breakfast and another one in the afternoon for dinner.

Always consult the recommended feeding table on the product package. If the daily amount is 200g per day then aim for 100g in the morning and 100g in the afternoon.

Puppies should eat 3 times per day or more depending on their level of activity. The goal is to give enough time to their digestive system to learn how to absorb nutrients correctly. So small frequent meals are key at this stage.

If your dog suffers from digestive issues or has a sensitive stomach follow the guidelines below to ease his/hers digestion.

  1. Add water to the kibbles and let them soak for 5min before serving.

  2. Increase the meals to 3 or 4 small portions per day.

The added moisture in the kibbles together with the smaller meals will decrease the workload of the digestive system. It will also make the food more easy to swallow.


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