Our team of veterinarians and nutritionists designed these line of recipes especially for dogs with health issues related to digestive sensitivity, coat and skin issues and various other sensitivities.

These recipes include a line of single-protein dry foods and 4 specialised wet foods that can be combined to one meal and ensure your dog's longevity and wellbeing.


A much requested service is finally here! Monthly subscriptions on Naturals dry food products are available right now. Your pet's favorite food will arrive every month.


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naturea cyprus pet food low carb dog food

Low Carbs

Low carbohydrates

naturea pet food cyprus omega 3 rich dry food

Omega 3 & 6

Rich in essential fatty acids

naturea pet food cyprus dog food for healthy joints

Healthy Joints

Joint protection

naturea pet food cyprus dog food with no corn wheat gluten

No Corn, Wheat, Soy or Gluten

Free of dangerous grains

naturea pet foof cyprus dry food natural ingredients

No Preservatives

Free of chemical preservatives and additives