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Large breed dogs need this ingredient to stay healthy

Dogs that weight more that 30kg need a special nutrient to stay healthy and strong. One of the biggest problems they face is weak joints from wearing down of cartilage between bones. Joint issues like arthritis or hyp dysplatia can cause inflammations and ultimately premature death in these breeds:

German Shepherds


Golden Retrievers





Great Danes


Dogo Argentino

Glucosamine is the most important nutrient for building healthy and strong joints. It's a naturally occurring compound already present inside the bodies of most mammals, including your beloved pup. Unfortunately, internal glucosamine tends to diminish over time as your dog ages. When this happens, your dog’s natural ability to heal themselves slows down. It can take longer to recover from simple injuries and strains, and their overall movement may slow down altogether.

Glucosamine must be present in your dog's daily meal. When choosing the appropriate dry food, make sure it contains as much glucosamine as possible.

At Naturea Petfoods we've created the ideal dry food for large breed dogs. With 1500mg of glucosamine the largest concentration in any dry food on the market right now. It's made with fresh Iberian Pork a lean and hypoallergenic meat for optimal digestion and weight control.

Naturals Adult Large Breed Iberian Pork with 1500mg of glucosamine. A hypoallergenic dry food with easily digestible nutrients and no harmful ingredients. Naturals Adult Large Iberian Pork is made with Human Grade pork meat, vegetables and herbs and contains no corn, wheat, soy or gluten.

Mobility & Joints wet food, our special recipe with fresh chicken rich in glucosamine ideal for recovery after experiencing joint issues or for keeping the joints healthy and strong everyday.


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