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Best dry food for sterilised dogs

One of the most frequent question we get is what to feed a sterilised dog. In the case of Naturea, all our recipes are suitable for sterilised dogs. A truly complete and healthy dog food is be suitable for all lifestages.

But certain food compositions match the needs of a sterilised dog better. The dog's metabolism gradually goes down after sterilization. This means that their ability to burn calories slows down significantly. So foods with better protein to fat ratios and lower calories are ideal for this lifestage.

Choosing any "Light" food will not help your dog stay healthy. Lower fat usually means too high carbohydrates which causes all sorts of issues. Especially if those carbs come from grains  like corn, wheat or soy.

Look for recipes with lean meat and healthy vegetables and your dog will remain happy and strong after sterilization. In Naturea we typically recommend the 2 recipes shown below for sterilised dogs.

Naturals Adult Wild Boar combines the lean meat of wild boar with an excellent protein to fat ratio. It also offers the unique taste of wild boar guaranteed to make your furry friend's daily meal exciting.

Grain Free Light & Senior is the optimal dry food for sterilised dogs with just 12% fat and very low calories. Our nutritionists and veterinarians designed this food to keep sterilized dogs healthy and happy for life.


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