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What is Human Grade dog food?

Pet foods should be made with the same ingredients we eat. Thats just common sense, right?

The reality is 95% of dry foods for dogs and cats in pet shops today are made with ingredients not fit for human consumption. This means that their quality is questionable and in most cases dangerous for our pets.

But what does Human Grade really mean?

Lets say you own a potato farm. During the harvest, the good potatoes are going to be sold to grocery stores for humans. But what do you do with the spoiled potatoes? The ones that are not fit for human consumption. Well, those are utilised for making pet foods.

Things become even more dangerous in meat products like chicken. The good parts of the animal are used for humans, and the others (legs, nails, feathers, beaks etc) end up in pet foods. Even rotten parts are OK as long as you cook them in extremely high temperatures.

How to detect if a pet food uses Human Grade ingredients.

  1. The certification "Human Grade ingredients" must be mentioned on the package. If its not, then the ingredients are very low in quality.

  2. Read the ingredients list. If you see names like "meat by-products" , "animal derivatives" , "corn by-products" etc. Then you can be sure the ingredients used are not fit for humans.

In Naturea Petfoods we believe that dogs and cats are family and should be nourished with the same quality ingredients as we do! Thats why we use certified Human Grade ingredients in all our products.



May 22, 2023

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May 22, 2023

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